Protect Your Air Conditioner

Salt Water Effects On Your Air Conditioner

Everyone wants to live near the sea.
The cool breeze gently blowing on a hot afternoon.
The gentle sound of waves lapping the shore.


No one mentions the damage the salt in the air will do to your outdoor furniture. Your air conditioner. Your outdoor fan. Your car!


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Unfortunately once it gets to this stage on your air conditioner there is nothing we can do, apart from replace the unit.

To protect your new unit from ending up like this - we are recommending installation of an electronic rust prevention system called CAT III.
It has been proven to prevent rust from forming on vehicles and air conditioners exposed to the elements.

What better way to protect your investment. The CAT system is installed inside your outdoor unit so you don't even know it is there. The way you know it is working is that no rust will appear on your air conditioner.

Even units that have a small amount of rust can have the system installed. We can treat the existing rust and once the CAT system is installed it won't get any worse.

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