Single Split Systems Gold Coast

Single Split Systems are useful for cooling an individual room in a house. You can have two or three in a house if required. The size of the room you are cooling will depend on the size of the unit you need.

We specialise in Gree Air Conditioner Units. Gree units come in a range of sizes to suit small rooms or large living areas.

If you are interested in this product or other brands (Fujitsu, Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung to name a few) we would love to hear from you. 

Please call on (07) 5571 1395 to have a chat and arrange a customised quote for your needs. 

10 Reasons To Buy A Gree Air Conditioner

For Your Family!

1.     Gree became the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer in 2005 and has held that position ever since. They rose to that position in just 14 years since beginning their operations in 1991.

2.     Gree manufacture 33% of all air conditioners/ heat pumps made worldwide, with a unit rolling off the production line every second of every day. Over 33 million units in 120 countries.

3.     Gree provide a proven quality air conditioning manufacturing facility with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. Gree’s manufacturing ability and quality is so advanced that other manufacturers request Gree to produce for them.

4.     Gree have a test facility that pre-tests all key components (compressors, fan motors, inverter drives) prior to use on the manufacturing line. This ensures world-class satisfaction at the time of installation.

5.     Gree Air Conditioning employ over 4,500 R+D staff in 3 research institutions and 3 product development centres. Gree have over 300 accredited labs allowing the development of more than 3,500 patents in the fiend of air conditioning cooling and heating.

This has led to Gree developing their 10 Core Innovative Technologies, and means they are at the forefront of innovation.

6.     Gree’s leading technology includes:

·       Solar powered air conditioners

·       1 Hz inverter control

·       WiFi connectability

·       2 stage rotary compressors

·       G10 inverter modules

·       Non-lanthanum (rare-earth) compressors

7.     Gree manufacture energy efficient, MEPS complaint equipment and are accredited with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

8.     Gree are in the vanguard of developers using the next generation of refrigerants from R32 to natural refrigerants like R290.

9.     Efficiency leadership and proven quality at affordable prices have allowed Gree to deliver the best value air conditioners on the market.

10.  The Gree Support Network is offered by Realcold throughout Australia and New Zealand with a six (6) years parts and labour warranty .